Basket order is a functionality which allows you to place multiple orders at one time. Under this facility, you can place orders for multiple scrips all at once. 

While creating a basket, you just create multiple orders for the same or different securities and club these orders together to be placed in a single go. This helps you save time as all orders in the basket are placed together instead of placing each order one by one.

For basket order, all individual orders of stocks / securities are placed as market order.

For creating the basket, please go to the Orders section on our web or app, and select Baskets. You can create a basket of your preferred instruments like Stocks, ETFs, Futures and Options and execute it together at once or one by one or the way you would want them to execute.

Once added, you can immediately see the margin required for individual orders as well as for the overall basket.

You have to maintain overall margin into your trading account and we will block the final margin for basket order execution

How do I create a basket order?

For App : Login to Dhan – Go to Orders Tab – Select Baskets option – Create your Basket as shown in below image :

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For Web : Login to Web - Go to Orders Tab – Select Baskets option –Click on Create  Basket  as shown in below image :