If your ledger balance goes negative for any reason, we will send you a margin shortfall intimation, which we call an "Ageing Debit" shortfall. One possible reason for a negative ledger is the utilization of pledged amount. As per the pledge amount process, the ledger can be in debit for a maximum of T+4 days. 

On T+5 working days, it is necessary to clear the debit before 11 am to prevent system auto square-off. We have also explained this in our Risk policy under the Ageing based square-off section of our Square-Off Policy here.

Moreover, we inform the ageing debit amount (that requires attention) through registered email address and in-app notification. You can clear this ageing debit amount either by adding funds or by selling your portfolio/positions. 

  • By adding funds : This will fulfil the margin shortfall, and you can continue your trading on the same day

  • By selling your portfolio/positions : As the sell amount will be settled on the next working day (T+1); the debit amount will be cleared, however you can resume your trading from next day.