Once your new Mobile Number / Email ID is verified (via OTP verification), there is a waiting period of 24 hours.

During this 24 hour period your request is on hold and you can cancel this request anytime.

Once this 24 hour waiting period is completed (given that we have not received any cancellation requests from your end), your request is confirmed and we begin the process of updating your Email ID / Mobile Number.

Once your request is confirmed, it takes anywhere between 24-48 hours for your Email ID / Mobile Number to be update.

Note: This is the time taken to update your details to the exchanges.

Once your Email ID / Mobile Number is updated - we will be notifying you about the same.

IMPORTANT - Kindly make sure to avoid any attempts of registering / logging into the Dhan App, with your new Email ID / Mobile Number, during this period as it may lead to further delays for your updation process. We will be notifying you via email once your Email ID / Mobile Number is updated.