Smallcase investments are essentially investments in a group of stocks. In your Dhan portfolio, these appear at two places:

  1. They reflect in the Custom Portfolio section in your Dhan App. Here the name of the small case that you have invested in will be visible.

  2. The individual stocks/ETFs which form that particular smallcase also reflect in your Dhan holdings as standalone stock/ETF holdings.

It is possible that you may have sold the individual scrips contained in a small case, directly from your Dhan portfolio & the smallcase portal may continue to reflect that investment as part of the respective basket.

In such cases, there will be a mismatch between the investments reflecting in the Dhan portfolio and the smallcase portal.

To correct this, you may login to the smallcase portal with your Dhan credentials and click on the option “reconciliation”. This will ensure that smallcase and Dhan investments are synced.